About this blog

Why writing a blog? I am known by my close friends and colleagues to be a mildly good writer, and also to get bored very easily. So it is likely that this blog will not be upgraded very often. And the posts may be substandard. But I got fed up with the 140 character limit of twitter, and the ephemeral nature of any post on Google+ etc. So here we go. With a bit of luck, something interesting for someone will show up here.

Why the title? If one looks in Wikipedia for phosphene, we can read “the experience of seeing light without light actually entering” and “random firing of cells”. This probably quite adequately describes the content of this blog. I write randomly, and what I write may have little to do with any reality as experienced by others.

By the way, I am Nicolas Le Novère. I am currently leading a research group at the Babraham Institute. My scientific interests are neurobiology, systems biology and computational modelling.


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